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Sports related with Achilles Tendon Injuries

Zdj. 1) Towel stretch:
– sit on the floor with straighten legs
– loop the towel around your feet
– now pull the towel toward your body keeping leg still straighten
– hold it for 20 seconds with tighten calf muscles and rest
– repeat exercise 10 times

Zdj. 2) Standing calf stretch:
– stand your face to the wall and rest straighten arms on it
– put your injured leg back and straight with your heel on the floor and bend a little opposite knee
– move closer to the wall to feel stretch in the back of calf of your injured leg
– hold it for 20 seconds and rest
– practice exercise 10 times

Zdj. 3) Standing soleus stretch:
– stand in front to the wall
– bend the knee of injured leg but still keep the foot on the floor!
– move a little forward (to the wall) keeping injured foot on the floor and feel stretching in your leg back side
– maintain position for 20 seconds and relax
– practice exercise 15 times

Zdj. 4) Side-lying leg lift:
– lie on your uninjured side with straighten legs
– tight your thighs muscles and rise injured leg as far as you can
– hold this position for 15 seconds and return slowly
– repeat exercise15 times

Zdj. 5) Step-up exercise:
– stand on the injured leg on a support (with gently bending your knee and hip) to put the other leg (foot) on the floor
– extend your hip and knee of the injured leg to the other leg comes off the floor
– hold position for 5 second and return slowly
– practice exercise 15 times

Zdj. 6) Heel raise:
– stand on your feet next to the chair (to support yourself if it’s necessary)
– stand on your toes slowly and hold position for 10 seconds
– now return slowly
– practice exercise 15 times

Zdj. 7) Balance and reach:
– stand next to a chair (you can keep it if you need ) with your uninjured leg close to the chair
– bend the knee of uninjured leg and stand on injured leg
– keep straight the arm on the injured side and move it forward a little
– maintain position for 20-30 seconds and return slowly
– do 5-10 sets
– now stand in the beginning position, raise the same leg
– try to reach with your straighten arm away as you can from the chair across your body toward the chair
– maintain position for 20-30 seconds and return slowly
– do 5-10 sets