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Sports related with Excessive lateral pressure syndrome

Excessive lateral pressure syndrome (ELPS) / Chondromalacia patella (CMP) („Runner’s knee”)

The kneecap with femoris form the patellofemoral joint, where the kneecap move down (while knee bended) and up (while knee extended). Excessive lateral pressure syndrome (ELPS) is caused by imbalance of the vastus medialis and the lateralis of the muscle quadriceps femoris and valgus position of the patella. Because of this muscle imbalance, the vastus lateralis causes abnormal lateral subluxation, the patellofemoral syndrome and joint pain. This injury might lead to chondromalacia patella (CMP) in athletes, what’s is the patella inflammation and its cartilage softening. It occurs in every kind of sport, but mostly it’s present in runners and cyclers.

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kneecap subluxation exercises

1) Standing hamstring stretching:
– stand next to low-rise chair and put your one leg on it
– bend yourself with straighten arms toward the resting foot as far as you can
– hold position for 5 seconds and return slowly
– now change your leg and do the same activity
– practice exercise 15 times for each side

2) Quad sets:
– sit on the floor with straighten injured leg
– bend other leg
– press the back of the injured knee against the floor
– hold it for 15 seconds and rest it
– repeat exercise 10 times

3) Straight leg raise:
– lie on your back and support yourself on your forearms
– bend your injured leg in knee joint
– raise your shin to make the leg straighten
– hold it for 5 seconds and return slowly
– practice exercise 15 times

5) Prone hip extension:
– lie on your stomach with straighten legs
– tighten your thigh muscles and buttocks
– raise injured leg with straighten knee and get back slowly
– repeat exercise 15 times

6) Step-up exercise:
– stand on the injured leg on a support (with gently bending your knee and hip) to put the other leg (foot) on the floor
– extend your hip and knee of the injured leg to the other leg comes off the floor
– hold position for 5 second and return slowly
– practice exercise 15 times