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Ankle fracture is a result of heavy injures in contact sports or falls from height. The athlete can suffer from medial or lateral ankle injury, connected with ligament damage. The patient claims usually for side pain, and haemorrhage and swelling is noticed. We can observe also the stress fracture, which pain occurs during activity and is located in the medial side of the ankle. The best brace for immobilize ankle is AM-SX-03 or AM-SX-04, because of their innovative construction. They prevent injury and support ankle joint from joint re-damage.

Złamanie kostki


Złamanie kostki

1) Towel stretch:
– sit on the floor with straighten legs
– loop the towel around your feet
– now pull the towel toward your body keeping leg still straighten
– hold it for 20 seconds with tighten calf muscles and rest
– repeat exercise 10 times

2) Standing calf stretch:
– stand your face to the wall and rest straighten arms on it
– put your injured leg back and straight with your heel on the floor and bend a little opposite knee
– move closer to the wall to feel stretch in the back of calf of your injured leg
– hold it for 20 seconds and rest
– practice exercise 10 times

3) Standing soleus stretch:
– stand in front to the wall
– bend the knee of injured leg but still keep the foot on the floor!
– move a little forward (to the wall) keeping injured foot on the floor and feel stretching in your leg back side
– maintain position for 20 seconds and relax
– practice exercise 15 times

4) Ankle active range of motion:
– sit on the floor with straighten legs
– flex your toes in injured leg toward your body and get back slowly
– repeat this exercise 30 times
– now move your foot the circles in clockwise and counterclockwise direction without raising your heel!
– repeat exercise 30 times for each direction

5) Resisted ankle dorsiflexion:
– sit on the floor with straighten legs
– loop one end of the tubing around the foot of your injured leg
– the other end of the tubing tie e.g. to the door
– now flex your foot toward your body and
– hold it for 5 seconds and get back slowly
– repeat exercise 30 times

6) Resisted ankle plantar flexion:
– sit on the floor with straighten legs
– loop the tubing around your feet and hold it tighten
– now pull (flex) your feet toward the floor
– hold position for 10 seconds and get back slowly
– repeat exercise 15 times